Easy Ads Management for your WordPress blog with AdPress

AdPress is a revolutionary Ads Plug-in for WordPress. It has multiple premium features that will allow you to manage and sell Ads in your WordPress blog. AdPress handles the sales, payments, tracking… and much more. Watch the video for a full demo.

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The AdPress WordPress plugin enables you to rapidly create and manage Ad campaigns. It supports multiple Ad types (Image, Link, Flash), Ad Rotation, automated selling with PayPal integration… and many other features.

Top Quality

A Custom User Interface, Unit Testing and a debugging mode.

Dedicated Support

A dedicated support forum, tickets system and knowledge base.

Cutting Edge

Admin bar notifications, fancy statistics charts and more cool features.

Simple Checkout

We use Code Canyon a popular marketplace to make payments.


Restricting access to PowerAd

PowerAd is an AdPress extension that lets you run AdPress campaigns on any webpage with HTML and JavaScript instead of requiring a WordPress website. While it’s a useful feature, this can be abused by malicious users who will load and request your campaigns by bots. To prevent this misbehavior, we introduced an Access Settings which […]
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Getting started with PowerAd

PowerAd is a new AdPress extension; and although it’s quite simple to use it might be a bit confusing to some users. This tutorial will show you, step by step, how to setup PowerAd and AdPress and get your Ads to display on a blank page. First, install and activate both plugins The first step […]
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New AdPress Update (Version 0.9.8)

Last week, a new version of AdPress is released: 0.9.8. This version marks an exciting milestone. First, it introduces add-ons. And second, a huge number of bug fixes. Add-ons support is probably the most interesting in this release. You’ll now be able to extend AdPress capabilities and functionality by adding external extensions. These extensions are […]
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