• May 31

    A sneak peek to the new Analytics Dashboard

    We are working on a new Analytics Dashboard. It’ll be released in the next iteration (1.0.6) and the update will be available both on CodeCanyon and¬†through WordPress Auto-Updates mechanism for users using version 1.0.5. If you haven’t upgraded to version […]

  • May 25

    Version 1.0.5 Released

    A new version is released. Version 1.0.6 doesn’t have much changes on the surface, but there is one major difference: From now on, updates will be pushed through the WordPress updates system. This means you won’t have to go to […]

  • May 13

    Our Road-Map for the Summer

    The summer is coming, so I thought I’d share some of what we are working on for AdPress. Improving the website The Website will be our primarily focus, we’ll be working on content, videos and documentation. There are lots of […]

  • Apr 30

    Introducing the new WPAdPress Design

    We are introducing a new site design and structure. The site is still under-construction, so this is a very early release. But I have figured out that it’ll be better than keeping the old, and obsolete one. The new website […]

  • Feb 01

    Restricting access to PowerAd

    PowerAd is an AdPress extension that lets you run AdPress campaigns on any webpage with HTML and JavaScript instead of requiring a WordPress website. While it’s a useful feature, this can be abused by malicious users who will load and […]

  • Jan 31

    Getting started with PowerAd

    PowerAd is a new AdPress extension; and although it’s quite simple to use it might be a bit confusing to some users. This tutorial will show you, step by step, how to setup PowerAd and AdPress and get your Ads […]

  • Jan 22

    New AdPress Update (Version 0.9.8)

    Last week, a new version of AdPress is released: 0.9.8. This version marks an exciting milestone. First, it introduces add-ons. And second, a huge number of bug fixes. Add-ons support is probably the most interesting in this release. You’ll now […]

  • Jun 10

    Translating AdPress to your language

    AdPress is translation-ready. It means you can easily translate it to your favorite language. In this blog post, I’ll explain the process of translating and getting AdPress to display in your favorite language. Getting WordPress First, you need to get […]

  • May 20

    Customizing Ad Campaigns display in WordPress

    Many webmasters and bloggers want to display Ads in particular positions and locations of their website. For example, you might want to have a campaign (set of Ads) that only display in a particular Custom Post Type. In this post, […]

  • May 15

    New AdPress Update and a Road-Map

    Today, we pushed a new update (and it’s already confirmed) for AdPress. Those who already bought AdPress can download the update from their CodeCanyon Downloads section. If you didn’t buy CodeCanyon and considering it, you can send me an email […]