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WordPress Ad Manager – AdPress – Getting Started

Getting Started

AdPress is a premium advertising plugin built for WordPress, and it’s considered by many to be the best in its class. Setup is fully automated- after that, you’re welcome to customize a variety of different advertisements. You will also be able to sell ad spots on your site, with a customizable payment system. Finally, AdPress offers a world of stats and analytics about how well your ads are performing.

You may have noticed “Premium” in the previous paragraph. To learn more, read more about our licensing terms.

If you need support, you can email us. We also offer a public forum so that the solutions to your problems will be shared with the community as a whole.

How does AdPress work?

AdPress may be different compared to what you’re used to. To learn more about it and how it works, read up on our documentation below.

Step 1: Designing the Ads

The first step is to design the ads you plan on using. AdPress supports Image and Link advertisements. While you’re designing your ads, you’ll need to specify the following:

  • The size of your image
  • Your column numbers (the maximum number of characters for Link ads)
  • The number of Ads
  • How you are going to sell your Ads: duration, pageviews or clicks
  • The price
  • Where your Ads will be located (sidebar, footer, blog post…)
  • Customizing your Ads look (with CSS and JavaScript).

This step is fully documented here.

After you have designed an ‘Ad Placement’, you can now start selling it through your website.

Step 2: Selling your Ads

After designing your Ads, you can start selling the ad placement on your Website. If you are using PayPal to accept payments, the payment process is fully automated. However, if you aren’t using PayPal, you can let the buyers put a message when purchasing the Ad with the transaction ID or the payment processor of your choice.

  • Managing clients: How to limit and grant access for users to purchase Ads
  • Approving your Ads
  • Monitoring your running Ads statistics
  • Reviewing your purchase history

This step is fully documented here.

To continue learning more about AdPress: including more detailed instructions, our supported Payment Gateways, and our plugins, feel free to peruse more of our information via the navigation bar on the right.