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WordPress Ad Manager – AdPress – Selling Ads

Selling Ads

Managing Clients

After designing your Ads, it’s time to start selling. AdPress offers a dashboard where buyers can see the available campaigns and order Ads. This dashboard is only accessible for registered users with the right permission.

Get your clients to register

Your clients must register so they can buy Ads. Make sure you enable registration in WordPress, so they can sign up. After signing up as a user, they get assigned a role. By default, this role is “Subscriber”, but you can change that.

In AdPress Settings Panel, set the users role to allow access the AdPress Client Dashboard. Set it to “All” if you want all users regardless of their roles to access the Client Dashboard. Set it to “Administrator” if you want to disable the Dashboard for all users.

Once clients have registered and logged in to their WordPress dashboard, and you have granted them the right to access AdPress Client Dashboard, they can buy Ads.


Purchasing Ads

Once registered and granted access, clients can see the running campaigns and available ads. They can also order Ads.


To order an Ad, the client has to enter the required information. The client can also leave a message (if you allow it). This is optional. The message will be shown in the requests page.


Ads Requests

Ads don’t go live when clients order them. They are queued in the review queue. You can approve or reject them. The AdPress bar notifies you when there are new pending Ads. Once in the Ads requests page, click the more button to get more information about the Ad as well as the payment details (if PayPal is enabled).


Running Ads

Once Ads are approved, they are listed in the Running Ads List. It’s worth mentioning that only clients that purchased the Ads can stop running Ads. You can only check the Stats for the Ad, and also how much credit (clicks, views or days) until the Ad expires.


Clicking the Stats button will take you to the stats page. You can visualize the Ad stats from this page in a graph and also in a table detailing all the click, views and CTR.


P.S It’s still possible to disable a client Ad, by gaining control of the client account (from your WordPress Admin panel) and disabling the Ad from his control panel

PayPal Integration

To automate payments, AdPress has PayPal support. AdPress uses the PayPal ExpressCheckout process. Read more about PayPal Expresscheckout.

SandBox Mode If you are new to PayPal Express Checkout, please sign up for their Sandbox test suite and get used to how PayPal works. PayPal has got a sandbox mode, which is a virtual platform similar to the one running PayPal. Its purpose is to make tests and see how it works before trying in real life. By checking this box, you enable the Sandbox mode.

Refunds AdPress supports refunds. When a purchaser make a purchase and it gets rejected (or cancels it before running), it makes sense to refund the payment. If refunds are enabled, rejecting the Ad will automatically issue the refund.

Purchase History

Every purchase is recorded by AdPress. The history is available from the Settings->history (tab). The history displays the time, date and details of the purchase. For the first version, it’s not possible to see Ad Stats. This feature is planned in the future.